Friday, June 6, 2014

Kitten update

Anybody think Rainbow's getting a little tired of her situation? Aww... poor girl.

She's out of the garage most of the day now, and only comes back every few hours to feed the kids. I, of course, have to let her in and out. It's a busy life. ;) It will soon be time to move them all out. I wish I had a good plan there.

Look what I found on Wednesday morning!

Like Jess said, "Blue is a good color for her." :) Those EYES!! She belongs to Patches. I knew she had babies somewhere, and she finally started bringing them around. I found and held two others, too (both black-and-whites), but they disappeared before I got back with the camera. I found each one separated from the others, all 50-100 feet apart, and crying of course. This little one was still in the machine shed in the evening and had transformed into a feisty little spitfire... until her mother appeared, then she was very calm. Now they're all gone. I strongly suspect there are more than the three, too. Time will tell. At least the three I saw were all very healthy. They're 5 days younger than Rainbow's. That puts my total at 16 kittens (or more). Yikes!


annie dee said...

Oh those blue eyes! Such a sweetie she is.

Grandma G said...

Yup. And I haven't seen her or any of her siblings since. But her mom will take good care of them.