Thursday, June 19, 2014

Water pics

We've gotten 8+ inches of rain in less than a week! Yesterday morning I took these pics from our driveway of the standing water in our neighbors' fields.

Continuing to the right of the above photo:

There has been a lot of flooding in areas that Grandpa and I have never seen flooding before. We took a drive last night so I could get some more photos. Here are some of them. Click on any to enlarge.

These first two are where there is normally just a small stock pond, but it's completely disappeared.

I tried to back away a bit to get a better view of the whole picture, but it doesn't do it justice.

Next is a road Grandpa travels to work every day. You can see where they've added new gravel because the water had washed out the road.

And on the other side:

The water rushed so fast that it washed tons of old cornstalks off fields and into huge piles in the ditches.

Below is one of Courtney's daddy's soybean fields.

Here's some more of it. Lotsa drowned beans under there.

Grandpa usually turns off that road onto this one on his way to work, but it was still under water last night. That bean field is on the right.

I'll post more photos tomorrow. As of this writing (Wednesday night), we're under a tornado watch for during the night. Hopefully I won't have anything worse to report to you!

Update: Thankfully, we didn't have any storms last night, and just some sprinkles of rain. There's still a pretty good chance of thunderstorms this afternoon, but hopefully they'll miss us and the water will get a chance to soak away.


annie dee said...

'Salotta water. Stay safe.

Jessica Jones said...

Wow, interesting. Was there a nice "lake" by the driveway to play in?

Grandma G said...

Yep... it was even bigger than the last one I posted of that lake, but it was at midnight when it was still raining and I could only see it via lightning flashes. It was nearly over the driveway, but too dark for pics. It was mostly gone by morning.

Anonymous said...

Better teach the kittens to swim .I wish we had some of your rain here.Doug was in a holding pattern for over an hour yesterday trying to get to Chicago. Lots of lightning. Hope you don't have any tornado activity! Bonnie

Grandma G said...

I wish you had some of our rain there, too, Bonnie! :)