Wednesday, June 11, 2014

From under the tank

Remember these kittens that we found under the stock tank a couple weeks ago?

Courtney and I discovered awhile back that they belong to Dots, because she was in there the next time we checked on them. This morning, Courtney and I found that they'd been moved into the machine shed! Look what the little white one has become!

Oh, my goodness... SO CUTE!!

Here's her black brother... he was not too friendly...

... to say the least!

Poor little guy was terrified, and I've never seen a kitten feistier! Later in the afternoon, though, when Courtney's mommy came to pick her up, we went out to see them again, and Mommy managed to pick him up and calm him. She was braver than I was. :)

The other two kittens were out there, too, but they managed to stay a little more hidden when I had the camera out there. This is the best shot I got of the b/w one, and I got no pics of the calico at all.

Trust me, though... she's a cute as can be! :)


Jessica Jones said...

Wow, you never know who you'll find out there!

Grandma G said...

For sure! And I discovered a new little orange one (another of Patches', no doubt) out there yesterday. 'Course they're all gone now. Which is fine. Let the moms take care of them. I have 6 that take up plenty of my time. ;)