Monday, June 2, 2014


My goodness... this is becoming quite a catty blog, isn't it? ;) I know some of you love it... I hope the rest of you don't mind too much. But there's just so much cuteness around here these days that I can't help myself when it comes to taking photos of it! And sharing it. :)

Last Tuesday's after school session started out like this:

There was lots of exploring... and MEWING! I wonder what this little calico gal was trying to say here:

She looks like she's pretty good at giving orders, doesn't she? She really is the first and loudest to cry to be held when she hears my voice in the garage. She was also the first to purr when I held them... sooooo... meet PURRL:

Next is one whose name you've already heard. This is Jess's BETTY:

She has a very cute tongue. You may have noticed that she also had an ear problem. I'm not sure what was going on there... fungus (ringworm)?... mange? It was kind of scabby-like. Some of the adult cats had a similar problem last summer, and a little internet searching led me to try olive oil on theirs, and I think it helped. So that's what I did for Betty's ear. It definitely worked! If you were to see her now, you wouldn't be able to tell which ear it had been on unless you looked REALLY closely and detected a slight bit of baldness... but the hair is growing back nicely.

Next we have Betty's twin brother... Jess's BERT:

Looks pretty mean doesn't he? He's not. He's gentle as a kitten. :) He got pretty sleepy during the photo shoot, too.

Next we have a little "freckle-face" who's going to look similar to Annabelle, except she's going to have long hair (as are all the rest of them). Since I love her to pieces, I named her after my favorite grandma, Agnes... so her name is AGGIE:

There's another difference between her and Annabelle... her ears are going to be orange!! (See photo below.) Isn't that cool?! It'll be fun to see how her coloring changes as she grows.

Alongside Aggie is the smallest little guy, and he had an eye problem. It was a bit watery for a while, but I treated it and it's fine now. But below the eye, I think the watering irritated the skin and he ended up with the crud like on Betty's ear. He also had a couple of other patches of it, but he's doing better now and the hair is growing back. He's a little sweetie, and I named him after an uncle of mine whose name was Howard, but many people knew him as SAM:

Since we had an old-fashioned name theme going, I stuck with it for this last little guy and named him GEORGIE, after a fun granduncle of mine that everybody loved.

Here's what they looked like after the outing and photo shoot. All tuckered out on my lap:

In case you have trouble remembering all those names, you can use the little cheat sheet that Courtney made for herself so that SHE could remember! Feel free to copy and print it. Ha!

One more pic from that day. Her name is COURTNEY! :)

I love the freckles that are popping out! Summer's here!!


annie dee said...

great photos. Great names. Great kittens with sticky uppie tails. I love that shot of Drill Sargeant Purrl commanding Courtney! Sam looks just like a Sam. All are so cute especially that Courtney. 🐯

Jessica Jones said...

Thanks for the free printable.

Grandma G said...

Thank you, Annie Dee!

You're welcome, Jess. :)