Friday, June 20, 2014

Water pics... what it left behind

Yesterday I showed you the water. Today I have pics of where some of the water had been, and what it left behind. This first photo shows an amazing path through a soybean field. The water had apparently rushed down from higher ground, come through that grove of trees and left a wide path of washed-out beans and a lot of debris. This photo, in particular, is more impressive when it's bigger, so just click on it (or any photo) to enlarge it.

You can see how it washed cornstalks and a lot of junk right up to the edge of the road.

There was quite a bit of dead wood that came from that grove of trees. The water was rushing awfully fast to have the power to bring all that along with it.

Below is what is normally just a small creek. It got incredibly wide as it flooded the low part of that pasture.

The water again brought old cornstalks from the fields and washed it up in thick layers on the sides of the hills... on one side.....

..... and the other.

Here's another field that got washed out a lot:

You can see below where it washed over the edge of the field and into the ditch, flattening out the long grasses.

There's a tile outlet going into the ditch, and when we were there, the water was still gushing out of it.

Below is an example of how the water cut a gorge as it rushed through.

We've never seen flooding like this around here before. Lots of crops have been drowned out, but we still were luckier than some other areas to our south that also got hail that wiped out what crops the water didn't drown.

Fortunately we haven't gotten any more rain, and the forecast is looking a little calmer now.


annie dee said...

All that hard work. Washed away. So sad.

Grandma G said...

For sure. Thank goodness for crop insurance.

Happyone said...

Too much water sure can do a lot of damage.