Monday, June 9, 2014

Bouncing babies

I couldn't resist taking some little video clips of the kittens outside. They do have so much fun bouncing around! 

When I bring them out, I put them in a box and carry them out together (very quickly, for fear I'll lose some over the edge!). Then I set the box down and let them find their own way around. I took this first video through the window in the door, when they didn't know I was there:

Then watch what happens when I step outside:

Yes, they do know my voice! :)

Here we have a bit of acrobatics:

Some cute close-up action:

And poor mama Rainbow, who gets a little concerned when I turn her kids loose:

A great time is had by all, including me watching them. Hope you enjoyed them, too!


annie dee said...

Oh that was too much fun. I love the one where they all respond to your voice and come mewing towards you! One of those orange ones is shaping up to be a big ball of trouble. Thanks for sharing!!

Jessica Jones said...

Oh man, the cuteness!

Grandma G said...

You're welcome, Annie Dee! Yes... sooo cute that unfortunately I could sit out there all day watching them. But if I did, I'd have to wear armor, because my legs are already too punctured. ;)

LiEr said...

SIGGGHHHHHHH. Dying here, I swear. Those round heads. That mewing. Gah.

So I got my turn with the laptop at last and watched all your videos. I have two things to say:

1 Anyone who watches these videos without smiling has to have his/her head checked.

2 Cardboard boxes are supreme. It's what I keep saying.

Grandma G said...

Glad you finally made it, LiEr! But I don't know... watching kittens seems to be hazardous to your health! ;)