Tuesday, June 17, 2014

MORE RAIN... and escapees!

Yesterday I showed you the small lake in our front yard. That had all soaked away. Then it rained again yesterday afternoon, and the new lake was even bigger! Once again we were spared any storms, thankfully. So far. There have been a lot of storms around us, though.

I did manage to get that grass mowed before the second lake came. Barely. The rain started before I got finished with everything, but at least the part that needed it the most is done. There's more rain in the forecast, too. Ugh. Wish there were a way to share it with areas that really need it (Mark)!

Oh, and if you happened to notice that light area to the right and behind that main tree, it's water standing in the cornfield. There are a lot of fields with huge areas under water right now. There are also some roads under water, and a lot of areas have heavy flooding! We don't need more rain! But we're apt to get it.

On a different (more fun) subject... I had escapees Sunday evening! I stepped out into the garage, and this is what I saw:

Purrl had made it up and over the edge of the cardboard. (Not the first time, but I thought I'd since secured it.) And did you notice behind her, on top of the tree stand (which they use for a "tree")? It didn't take Georgie long to follow suit:

(What an innocent little face, huh? Ha.)

So fun to check everything out!

And who's about to just stay on the chair.....

..... when there's a whole garage to explore?!

Can't blame 'em. It was so wet outside that I hadn't let them out for their usual romp, so they must've been bored. ;) They did get to go out later, however, and I discovered that if I put the box flaps to the inside of the pen, they can't make it up and over. Yet.

I know... they need to be out of there... they're 7 weeks old already!! I guess I should just put them out in the machine shed. They'd have lots of playmates. I counted 9 out there the other night, and I know of at least one more (not counting the 3 youngest that don't come out yet). Rainbow won't like having them out there, but maybe she'll just wean them and be done with it. (Or drag them back to the garage!)


Jessica Jones said...

Or just bring them all in the house.


Grandma G said...

Alex would be thrilled, I'm sure. So would your pa. Haha.

Happyone said...

Next thing you'll have fish in that lake. : )

Grandma G said...

Ha! I hope not! :)

annie dee said...

I wonder if they have cabin fever and just want new places to explore. Cute things.

Grandma G said...

Yeah, I'm sure they're tired of being confined. I do put them outside a couple times a day for several hours, though, so they can do all the exploring they want then, which they love. It's kinda hard on my flowers, though. ;)