Friday, May 25, 2012

Crafting with Courtney

I've neglected to show you what Courtney's crafted in recent weeks! So here's some catching up. 

When we were in Chicago, I came across these little "safety scissors" that cut zigzaggy designs. I thought Courtney would have fun creating things with them.

They turned out to be pretty cheesy (well, what can you expect for $2.99?). They didn't cut very nicely at all. But we made the best of them, and here's a little card Courtney made (with some help from Grandma). We copied the design from the scissors package, basically.

Last week we did some things that worked out a little better. Jess had posted a link to this owl bookmark and card set on her blog. Courtney loved it... the owls and the colorfulness (<- is that a word?). We just had to print the page, and then she cut out the owls. I trimmed the card to size, and I cut the slits with an exacto knife. They turned out so cute! The owls are interchangeable on the card, and they are also bookmarks. They'd make a cute card/gift for a child.

I'd done some searching online for preschool activities that Courtney could do, needing something interesting to keep her busy on days when we couldn't be outside all the time playing with kittens. I found a website with lots of printables for kids, and here are her projects for that day:

Yeah, she was a busy girl! Actually, she buzzed through them pretty fast. :) I can't find the link to the website I got them from, but if you want ideas for fun stuff, just google "crafts for kids". There are TONS of free printables and tutorials available!

Yesterday it rained all day, and Courtney and I had a coloring "marathon". I meant to take pics of the 11 (I think) pictures we colored, but Mommy showed up too soon with melting ice cream in the car and needed to get home, so we skipped the photo shoot. That's okay... you don't need to see Grandma's coloring, anyway!

I hope to finish my pattern test sewing today. I haven't asked the author when I can blog about it, but I'll show you as soon as I can!

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