Thursday, May 17, 2012

Now THAT'S a teacup!

Courtney's other grandma and I switched days this week, so Courtney was here today instead of Tuesday. Because our farmers were busy planting, we didn't get together on Mother's Day, so along with Courtney today came a gift for me! It's a ceramic teacup and saucer!

A very BIG teacup and saucer!

(Doesn't she look like she's about 16 there?!)

Actually, it's a planter, and inside it was a gift certificate to our local greenhouse! I think it's soooo pretty!! The colors go great in my living room. However, I'm afraid if I put a plant in it in my living room, Josie would ruin it. Does anybody know of any plants that cats don't like (to destroy)???

I could use the teacup to put something else in, but I haven't figured out what yet. Any suggestions???


annie dee said...

That's beautiful! Huge! I'd put plants in there. But I'd be tempted to put my daily coffee in it!

Auntie Kris said...

I have a teacup like that! I set a pot of gerbera daisies in it on the deck. When we bring it in for the winter, Chester thinks it's his salad bar an keeps it trimmed down all winter.

annie dee said...

better idea: how about planting this?


Grandma G said...

Ha! A coffee plant... in a cup... fun idea! Just out of curiosity, I was reading the comments about it and came across this: "(Do keep them out of reach of cats. They're not poisonous like poinsettias, but you do NOT want to be cracked in the shin by a fast-moving caffeinated feline. Trust me on that.)" There went that idea! LOL

Kris, I love gerbera daisies, and that was my first idea for a flower. I could possibly put it in my sewing room window over the winter where it would get plenty of winter sun. I sorta think, tho, that the cup is too pretty for our cruddy old deck. :(

Still thinkin'!

annie dee said...

there are several sites that have lists of plants safe for cats. this is the 1st half of the battle for me - the other half is finding plants that the cats don't play with, or pull the leaves off, or dig in the dirt, or knock off the counter... good luck on this pursuit!