Friday, May 4, 2012

Kitten update

No doubt you're all (well, maybe a couple of you?) wondering how the kittens are doing, after a week. They're doing great! Growing nicely, as you can see. And they're getting pretty brave about coming out when they hear our voices. As you can see, they're very much loved.

They pose quite nicely for photos!

We knew Scamp had also had her babies, and we knew where they were, but they were impossible to get at. Lucky for us, she moved them! She only has two left, but they are now under an old overturned stock tank. This is the place where Scamp herself was born exactly a year ago. (You can see her and the rest of her family as newborns in this post.) We've discovered several litters of kittens under there in the past few years, so it's one of the first places we look. Here they are as Courtney and I lifted the tank for a visit:

Scamp seemed pretty wary at first.

But she soon relaxed and let Courtney pet her and her babies.

Don'tcha just feel like cuddling these little furballs?

C'mon over! You can hold one. You can even have one!! ;)

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annie dee said...

omg. too cute. way too cute.