Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Settlement... a deep subject

Well.... many of you will recall what a  time we had last summer when our water turned to mud. Yes, we had to dig a new well. The old well was filled in and sealed. There hadn't been much settling of the dirt where the old well was... until yesterday morning. This is what we saw:

Have a closer look:

Yeah, Patches... have a really close look!

Careful, Hairry!

All our recent rains (another 1.4" or so Sunday night) must've finally soaked down far enough to make the dirt settle. And boy, did it settle! Yep, it was about 10 feet or so, straight down! Grandpa will fill it in as soon as things are a little less muddy. Meanwhile, I'll keep Courtney out of there.

There's been a little settling, too, next to the new well cap. But that's minor.

Plenty of weeds around there, too. They're doing much better than the newly seeded grass. But I mowed 'em off yesterday.

Update:  Thought I'd let you know that the hole was filled in the next day... so no one will have to worry about it. :)

On another note... I finished the sewing for the pattern test! All done... so cute! And I get to show you SOON! Like in only a day or two! Do come back and see! Meanwhile, I have another sewing project ready to start... and ideas for more!


Anonymous said...

Where is your stakes and yellow caution tape and legal size warning signs? Oh, thats right you live in Minnesota where common sense still is in existence. Mark

Suzi said...

I sure hope there aren't any kittens down there. Yes, Please keep Courtney away from it, my heart just sinks thinking about another baby Jessica story.

Anonymous said...

Very exciting!
Another consequence of the dry weather last year is in evidence.

Wow! Hairy really is very hairy.
Is there any shedding going on around there?


annie dee said...

Love the title of this one!

Grandma G said...

The hole is now filled in (till it settles some more). No more worries for kids or kittens.

Shedding, Dale? Surely you jest! ;)

Thanks, Annie Dee! :)

Susan said...

Wow! Thats something i dont see everyday! Did you guys fill it yet??

Grandma G said...

Yep, all filled in!