Sunday, May 13, 2012

The newest mom

I have some more adorableness for you! (My apologies to those of you who are not cat-lovers.) These are the latest additions to my crew, two tiny toms:

Here they are with their mom, Princess (and another look at the toe of my garden shoe for you, M&C!):

Interestingly, she had one kitten a few days ago and abandoned it, like she had no clue what was going on (and no, I did NOT rescue and bottle feed it!). She is only a year old herself, so this is her first time at being a mother. Then a couple days later she had these two, and she's taking very good care of them! I guess she learned a lot in two days - ha!

Courtney will be thrilled to learn that this little family is also in the machine shed and very easy to get at. She can play with them and Mama's, too! Look how huge Mama's kittens are compared to the newborns! Yeah, that's one of them on Princess's head.

These big ones also like to snuggle with the new babies, and I assume they're also nursing right along with them, so we'll see how the little ones fare having to share their food. The good thing is, the big ones also make good babysitters. They do a good job of keeping the teeny ones warm when Princess is away.

That's the latest on the 'mom' news around here. And on that note, here's wishing all of you human moms - newbies, oldies, and anywhere in between - a very Happy Mother's Day!!

P.S.  If you want to see some other cute and funny Mother's Day photos and videos, check out I Can Has Cheezburger's posts for today!


annie dee said...

Happy Mothers Day to you too! And to Princess!

Grandma G said...

Thank you, Annie Dee! From me and Princess! ;) I don't know if you're a mom or not, but if you are, Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

And thanks for all your comments... I love 'em!!