Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Itty bitty kitty growls

I can't believe I did this... or how I did this. I had this entire post done and published. Then I decided to change the title, from my iPad. The only thing that loaded on there was just the title, so I changed that and republished it... and NOTHING showed up but the title. The entire post seems to have vanished into cyberspace. Ack!! So now I'm starting over, including uploading the video and photos. And trying to remember what I wrote the first time. Good thing Courtney's busy at the moment. Here goes......

Yesterday Mama kitty caught a mouse and brought it to her babies. Would you believe the month-old little squirts actually fought over it?! Turn up your volume and listen!

In other kitten news, Grandpa discovered Patches' hidden babies yesterday when he was moving hay bales. I had to do a quick rescue mission to get them out of the way so he could finish. Here they are as I first saw them:

I put them into a box and brought them to the machine shed.

Nice color variety, don't you think? I like the mustache on the B&W one in the top pic.

Grandpa finished loading bales. Fortunately, he won't need to move any more for quite a while, since Patches was quite insistent on putting her babies back there. UNfortunately, now they're in a crack between bales, where we can see them but can't reach them or take photos.

When Patches goes to eat, she leaves Pinky to babysit and keep them warm. Pinky is pregnant, and I suspect that when she has her babies, she'll have them there. That's not good, since Patches' bigger kids will no doubt hog all the chow. But, such is life in the cat world.

This puts my count at 12 adults and 12 babies! With more on the way soon. Yikes!!


Jessica Jones said...

CUTENESS! That video is adorable! So tiny and fierce. Made me giggle.

JHNickodemus said...

Whew! I guess even the little guys are a force to be reckoned with. Though over a mouse...yeuck.