Monday, May 14, 2012

Lilacs... or lack thereof

Our lilacs are almost nonexistent this year. We had such warm weather so early that everything got a head start. Then we had a hard freeze. Apparently, most of the flower buds were ruined. There have been a few little clumps of wimpy flowers here and there, but nothing like normal years when the bushes are covered with huge blooms. I kept waiting and hoping that more would appear, but this is all I could find a couple days ago, and I think they're the end.

Sad, huh?

On a brighter note, the poppies are doing well, and this first bloom has lasted nicely for going on three days now! Usually the winds we have around here makes for short-lived blooms, but it's been quite calm and gorgeous the last couple of days, and amazingly, this lone poppy is still there this morning!


The Luedtke Family said...

Ooh, lilacs, one of my 2 favorite flowers. Ours were super early and are practically done. So sad that you have to wait a year for the perfumed blooms to return.

And the poppies so remind me of my childhood home. There was a patch of them along side our house. I loved the green fuzzy pods before the big orange blooms. They are so happy looking.

I planted my vegetable garden today, most of it. The plants we purchased were put in. The seeds will wait until Simon gets home from school. He would be beyond upset if I planted the entire garden without him. My kids love our garden plot. We fit quite a bit in the space we have.

annie dee said...

Our lilacs only had an OK spring too. The purple ones were much earlier than the white and each only lasted for a blink of the eye. But! The irises and the peonies will bloom as soon as this monster rain storm blows through and we get sun again (maybe by Wednesday). And the hostas haven't been eaten by the deer (yet)!

Auntie Kris said...

We also noticed a total lack of lilacs this year. Hope for better luck with the other flowers.