Friday, May 18, 2012

Not a hummingbird

Speaking of moths, have you ever seen something flitting around the flowers and wondered if it was a hummingbird? Chances are, it may have been a sphinx moth. I've seen a lot of them this year, and one was busy in the flowers just outside my sewing room window a couple days ago, so I managed to get some pics and even a video.

Now you'll recognize one if you see it!

I found it interesting that the camera slowed the wing speed down in order to capture a pic or a video. The wings actually go so fast you can hardly see them, but they appear to be going considerably slower in the video below.

If you're wondering what happened to those moth eggs, I'll have an update for you soon. They look like they're about ready to hatch!

On a sewing note, I received the awaited pattern to test yesterday! I did some proofreading for her first, and now I'm getting ready to cut fabric. I also have another project headed to me in the snail mail, and another potential one on my kitchen table! I hope to give you some sneak peeks.

Then there are the plants I bought on Wednesday that are just waiting for the 90-degree temps and gale-force winds (ACK!!!) to go down so I can set them out in the ground. Not to mention the garden that's only partially tilled with nothing at all planted yet. So don't be surprised if I don't post regularly for a while!


The Luedtke Family said...

I'll be waiting for a post titled "Not a Moth".

Anonymous said...


That was some tricky photography.
I am surprised that you've seen one so early this year. It seems like it is usually mid to late summer when they show themselves.

Yeah, those winds may have partially cooked the strawberries again, just like last year.


Grandma G said...

You shall get it, Becky! ;)

Yeah, Dale... it was a bit tricky. I had a pretty good vantage point there in the window, though.

Just the other day, I saw 3 of those sphinx moths at one time in those flowers! Normally I only ever see one. Must be a good year for moths... all kinds of 'em everywhere, and occasionally in the house.

Those winds... AARGH! Nice out today, tho!

Jessica Jones said...

The photos are really interesting! And so crazy how the video "decided" what to capture. Huh.