Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rusty, it is!

Here's some of my crew, eating their supper. There are 3 adults missing from the photo, but all 5 of Mama's babies are there (that's a tail of one by the water bowl). I like the little paw of that black one attempting some mischief.

Awhile back I asked for your help in naming that little orange one. Courtney and I finally decided that his name will be Rusty! Thanks, Becky, for the suggestion. You win the prize! Oh, that's right... there wasn't any prize offered. Well, you get the recognition, anyway. ;) Hey, I have an idea! You can have Rusty!!! Your kids would love him!!!! ;) Okay, he can be yours by surrogate, if you want. Or something like that.

BTW, Courtney at first thought that Rusty was kind of a funny name. Then I told her she had a great-great grandpa by the name of Rusty (nickname for Russell... and he'd had red hair), and she thought that was even funnier yet.

I was taking these pics because I wanted to show you what a difference there is in "oranges". Little Rusty is quite different in color than our golden boy, Hairry!

He's quite a playful little guy, and one of his favorite spots is this bit of rope hanging from the wall.

He had a lot of fun playing on it with his sister while I was out there, too.

Now, only 13+ more to name!!! :)


annie dee said...

I'm overdosing on the kitten cuteness. I have to keep repeating "three is enough. Three is enough. Three is..."

Grandma G said...

Oh, you have three! Good for you! I have two in the house... great plenty! (You won't believe how many my sister has in her house!!!!!)

annie dee said...

Three cats (an American Shorthair, a Maine Coon and a rescue) and two Keeshonden. And one overworked vacuum cleaner! But we love 'em all!

The Luedtke Family said...

Rusy is too adorable. We are actually going to be in MN in June, for a long visit with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm afraid if we came to your farm, we'd leave with a kitten or two! I could not resist.

I'll be driving up with the kids for a long week. Eric will be flying in and then driving back with us. We jam pack our fun in. Hopefully we'll be early enough to go strawberry picking somewhere. I'm even contemplating a campout somewhere for one night, perhaps mid-week.


Grandma G said...

Oh, Annie Dee... you have a Maine Coon?! I've always wanted one! Well, not always, but since I found out what they were a few years ago! I had to look up Keeshonden to see what they were... gorgeous also! I can see why your vacuum is overworked. :) But so worth it, huh?

Becky... please come!!!! You can have all the kittens you (the kids) want!! Heheh. You could camp in my yard! You'd probably even have cats snuggling with you. ;) Well, anyway... have a wonderful week!