Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dancing With the Star

The star of Grandma G's blog, that is. And who better to dance with her than Teddy Bear?

This post is dedicated to all of us who will be missing our little star this week while she and Mommy are away on a pleasure/work-related trip. I know we will be having serious withdrawals by the time they get back! ;-\ Right, Grandma H?

(Willow might not miss her quite so much.) ;-)


Anonymous said...

Grandma Grace gives this performance a "10" nice job, never missed a step. So what if she DROPPED her partner a couple times! She wins the trophy.

Anonymous said...

oh my! I give her a perfect 10 as well. That takes the cake... I'll be suprised if you can EVER top THAT video clip. You should send that to America's Funniest Videos.