Thursday, May 22, 2008

For those of us having withdrawals

Here's the last little video I have of Courtney from last week Tuesday. This is her and Teddy chillin' after their exhausting "Dancing With the Star" performance.

And since I didn't get to have Courtney on my regular day this week, Auntie Kris was wonderful and sent me photos for a quick 'fix'. Thanks, Kris!!

Looks like she's having a great time on her little "vacation", doesn't it? :-)


Anonymous said...

We watched the little video over and over. Chuckled every time, sure do miss her and her Mommie. How is Nate holding up? The photo looks like a big "city" girl. So cute. G-pa and G-ma H.

Grandma G said...

Actually, I haven't seen Nate since Monday... so I can only guess that he's had enough of the quiet house and will be more than glad to see his girls when they get home today! (And I bet Flower will be awfully glad, too!)

Yep, my thought, too, was that Courtney looks a little more "sophisticated" in that photo. ;-)