Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Leftover pics from last week

I took this pic last Friday morning from the basement window. It was really foggy out, and I liked the way the water droplets hung on the grass.

The night before, we'd had thunderstorm watches and warnings, so I took down my birdbath so it wouldn't get blown off or damaged if it stormed. The next morning I was in no hurry to put it back up, because it was such a foggy, yucky morning that I didn't think any birds would be interested in bathing. And so far, I'd seen no birds use it at all, anyway. So wouldn't you know... late in the morning what should I see but a pair of song sparrows on the deck railing, looking like they were wondering what happened to the birdbath. Okay, I don't think they really were, but it was interesting timing.


KAREN said...

Hi, greetings from Venezuela. I liked your blog and put it among my "favorites". I post pictures on my own (http://city-imagery.blogspot.com/). You are invited to visit me.

Grandma G said...

Hi Karen... thanks for stopping by my blog! I also checked out yours and found some very interesting photos. I especially liked all the flowers that are blooming now!