Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've been waiting and waiting and...

I was just about ready to give up, thinking the hummingbirds had flown right past here without stopping, since there are no leaves on the trees. But lo and behold, FINALLY, I had my first little hummer today!

I put my feeder out about 3 weeks ago, to make sure I had it out in time for the earliest arrivals. Last year I saw the first one on May 5th. I've been watching the hummingbird migration map, and it seemed like they'd kind of bypassed us this year, so I was about ready to give up and take in my feeder until later this summer when they migrate south. I don't think any of them nest around here, as I've never seen them throughout the whole summer. There are usually a lot of them toward the end of the summer. The males come through first, followed by females and youngsters.

Anyway, I was very pleased to see this little female ruby-throat this afternoon! Poor thing looks kinda chilly... and with good reason, since it was only 46°!

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Jess said...

Oh good! I'm so glad you had a visitor!