Thursday, May 15, 2008

A day for orioles!

It was a fun and interesting bird day yesterday! In the morning I saw a bird I'd never seen before, and he was hanging onto the twine holding my hummingbird feeder. Looking in my trusty birdbook, I found out it was a male Orchard Oriole. Here are a couple pics of him. They're not the best, because it was so bright outside that there was too much contrast and the pics ended up looking like silhouettes, so I had to lighten them quite a bit to show what the colors were. But you get the idea. For better photos, just do a Google image search.

Then early in the evening, I was very surprised to see a male Baltimore Oriole on the HB feeder! I've seen plenty of them before, but never on my feeder! Though I didn't see this one drinking, I've read somewhere that they do sometimes drink from HB feeders. They are such beautiful birds... among my favorites.

(Yeah, I need to get that speck of whatever-it-is off my window!)

I even had a robin drinking from my birdbath yesterday, too, plus hummingbirds back at the feeder, so it was a good bird day.

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Jess said...

Oooo, lovely!