Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spring progress

"Spring"? According to the calendar, anyway. But you gotta admit, it's a little confusing this year! From a high in the 60's on Thursday and tornado warnings all over the place that night, to a chance of SNOW again last night (which, thankfully, didn't materialize)... it's crazy!!

But anyway, the spring plants seem to think it's time to grow, so it must be spring. Here's the rhubarb... making more progress, but you can see the freezing temps of a week ago damaged it a little. Rhubarb doesn't care, though... it's tough and keeps coming, anyway. Pie size isn't too far off.

The tulips haven't progressed much (what are left after the deer munched on them, that is), but this one is developing a little color. Looks kinda wimpy, but can you blame it? Okay, so all my tulips need to be thinned out a bit. This coming fall, hopefully.

I also noticed this violet blooming, too. A woodchuck usually eats off all the blooms every summer, but he must be still hibernating! (Can't say as I blame him.)

On the north side of the house are many hostas, which are making their appearance, too.

And look what I found in the garden! Can you see what it is?

Try this one... look a little closer.

Yeah, you're right... dandelions which need to be sprayed, but NOW can you tell?

Yep, asparagus! Yum! As cold as it's been, I was surprised to find them coming up. Obviously I need to get the old stalks from last year out of there. I always leave them over the winter, simply because they're much easier to get out of there in the spring after they've had a chance to rot down a little (and I have a LOT to get out!). This year I haven't removed them yet, thinking they're maybe a bit of protection from the cold and snow that keeps returning. But as soon as it's fit to work outside again, they've got to go. Can't wait for that first taste of fresh asparagus!

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