Thursday, May 29, 2008

The tower of blocks

It's sooooo pretty!

Did she do what you were expecting?


Jess said...

WHAT? How could she resist the temptation?!

Kim said...

Wow.. I can't even get 2 blocks stacked and Cadyn has them knocked down. He'd never walk away like that.. Is there something wrong with that little girl???

Grandma G said...

I guess it's 'causes she's a GIRL, Kim... gotta tease a little bit, y'know? ;-) Keep checking back, though... more videos coming.

BTW, she does like Cadyn does with the older blocks. But these were brand new that day... maybe she had to admire them a little first?

Anonymous said...

She appreciates a thing of beauty, what more can you say? :)