Monday, May 26, 2008

Peregrine falcon hatch

Today's the day for the peregrine falcon hatch in Great River Energy's nesting box high atop their Elk River, MN, station's power plant! I've been watching occasionally today, and so far I've seen 2 eyases (baby falcons). There are still 2 unhatched eggs. The mother keeps them pretty well-covered, but she moves around a lot, so you can catch a glimpse once in awhile. To see the livecam, click here. There are more details on that page, plus links to photos of last year's hatch and banding. Pretty interesting!

If you want to see another livecam on a nest with 3 nearly-grown eyases, click here. They're pretty fun to watch, because they're stretching their wings and hopping around a lot... atop the City Hall building in San Jose, CA. (They're also leaving a huge mess! Ack!)

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