Thursday, May 8, 2008

Robin's egg blue

The birds must be having trouble getting their nests made this year or something. Maybe because of the weather? Anyway, in 2 days I've found 3 different eggs just lying on the ground.

This first is a robin egg, found at the base of a tree.

This next one's a wren egg, I think. The photo doesn't really give much perspective on the size. I should've held it in my hand to show how tiny it is. Compare it to the blades of grass, I guess. I found it under the edge of a bush right next to the house, with no nest in sight.

I think this third one is a blackbird egg. It was just out in the open. Poor birds.

Here's a beginning of a nest that I found in the old asparagus stalks that I was cleaning out of the garden. It's pretty tiny... maybe made by a wren, or perhaps one of those song sparrows I showed you a couple days ago. It has very fine hairs and stuff woven together in it.

In contrast, here's a big nest near the top of a lilac bush... probably a blackbird nest. It may be an old one from last year. It seems to be made of mostly twigs, "sewn" together with bits of twine string. I think it's amazing how birds can build their nests!

Note that the lilac bush is finally getting little green leaf buds!

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