Friday, May 30, 2008

Another mystery!!

This is even weirder than the mystery I blogged about a couple months ago!

On Wednesday I went down to the computer in the basement for an email check before going into town for groceries. I closed the door behind me to keep the cats from following me down. I no more than sat down here when I heard Willow scratching at the door, wanting to come down. I ignored her and did a few things on the computer. (Who can do "just an email check" once they sit down in front of the computer?) The next thing I knew, here was Willow down by my feet, begging to get in my lap! I was shocked! I KNOW I left both cats upstairs! I checked the door, and it was indeed still closed and latched. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW SHE GOT DOWN HERE!!!! There is no other way to get down here!!

Can a full-grown, 3-year-old cat flatten herself enough to get under a door that is less than an inch off the floor?!

I think the person who left the mud on the floor in the other mystery was back and very quietly opened the door, let Willow through, and closed it again without my hearing it.

Or maybe I'm losing my mind... or my memory... or blacking out part of my life entirely (though I haven't been drinking lately!) Once again, I am totally baffled. And yes, it bugs me... but not as much as the other mystery.

What do you think?


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